Expressive writing course

I believe that writing is a very powerful tool, not only for telling stories, but in helping us to process our experiences, and put into words that which feels wordless.

Writing can be used to express and offload how we feel, or it can be used to craft what we want to say into a poem, a song, or a piece of narrative prose that takes us on a journey. Music can help us to recall and enter into memories and feelings that we want to process and can be a very powerful way of transitioning through emotions.

Expressive Writing for Emotional Health Course on UDEMY

I have created an online course which blends a technique for managing emotions, with expressive writing. In the course I take you through the history of expressive writing and introduce you to a new method for managing emotions. We’ll then move onto a specific technique for offloading and processing experiences and look at how to write about traumatic events. We will also experiment with using music in our expressive writing practice. 

You can get started with the course here. I have deliberately priced it to be less than the cost of a therapy session in order to make it affordable.

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