My Musical Works

Here are some of the projects I have created, either individually, or in collaboration with others.

#scorerelief2022 Collette Brown and Four of Wands ‘I Catch You’

I composed this score for the The Cue Tube and Metapop (Native Instruments) for the Score Relief 2022 competition. The film was produced and directed by Collette Brown and Four of Wands.

Original tracks created by me


I wrote Ladies after being inspired by Downton Abbey and the story of the Ladies of Llangollen. The song tells the story of two ladies who have feelings for each other yet cannot speak about it due to societal rules. One is due to marry; an event that she feels she is carrying out due to duty rather than desire. The other is angry and hurt yet cannot do anything about her feelings. Their relationship is doomed to remain forever a secret.

Click to listen now, or go to the Soundcloud link (below)

Hammer and Chisel

This song tells the story of someone who is struggling to leave an abusive partner and the power struggle that she feels caught up in whilst trying to find the strength to leave.

Hammer and Chisel

Cankles was inspired by the film ‘Shrek’. It’s about being ashamed of our imperfections and hiding away, and as a result never letting our unique light shine.

I wrote Go Peacefully while on holiday in Lanzarote. The heat of the desert-like climate influenced the thoughts in my mind of someone close who was succumbing to illness and was close to passing away. I thought about the endless cycle of life and death made real in front of me by nature and the animals I saw around me. Life is like a liquid that can be used up without thinking and we desperately try to replicate the recipe for it afterwards but can never re-create the alchemy.

I wrote Please Stay for Jonny Morgan’s RPG Game.


Cold is a song that tells the story of a girl struggling with an eating disorder and depression whilst living in a shared house at University.

Co-written tracks

Shine like new

Written with Michael Garvin (writer of George Benson’s ‘Never give up on a good thing’, and Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Waiting for tonight’). Produced by Chris King.

Let me fall

I co-wrote this song with the artists James Christie and Noraay.

Nikola Cell

I wrote the topline melody and was the vocalist on this track by Snore Hovdal.

Dragons and lions

This song was co-written by Nic Rigby, Dave Banks and I. The song is a fictional tale based on the battle of the Marches between Wales and England.

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