My Poetry & Art Portfolio

A scent of a memory

There’s something more tolerable about a bulge that does not yield so easily.

A bald curve to clasp both hands around, that
fills and feels as if it’s growing into

you. But it never shifts a molecule further than its perfect calibrations; encircled with supportive striations, immune to my stubby stroke of silent thanks.

For not being anything other than, my apple-wax scented standard lamp.

Published in The Guardian 10/01/2008

Tucked away for Christmas

I love the texture of cork and the smell that the pyrograph makes as you burn letters into the cork. I decided I would pyrograph this poem onto cork.

© Donna Maria Bottomley 2009


I photographed this plastic bag dancing in the air on a film camera and then developed it with liquid emulsion onto wood.

© Donna Maria Bottomley 2007

Wooden memory

Poem pyrographed onto balsa wood.

© Donna Maria Bottomley 2007

The Sea Orphan

May 2002: ‘Voices Net‘ Anthology.

Oct 2003 – Nov 2004: ‘Art Works in Mental Health’ touring exhibition.  Royal Academy of Art; Cardiff; Manchester; Birmingham; Edinburgh.


6-13 Aug 2004: Published on BBC Talent Showcase:

Nov 2004: Published in ‘The Power of Words’.  ForwardPress.

Deliberate bubbles

Jan 2005: Published in the Anthology “Expressions from the Heart of England 2005”.  Anchor Books.

  • 2007: ‘Bookmarks’ Part of the Leeds Library project for ‘Situation Leeds’
  • 2007: HayVend.  Art in vending machines
  • 2005-2006: Bury Museum & Art Gallery.  IDEAS: Innovative Design ExhibitedSold.
  • 2006: Art Installation ‘The Book Ends’ (a multimedia poem). ‘Making Words’ Exhibition at Bilston Craft Gallery, Wolverhampton. Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa & Solihull Arts Complex
  • 2004: ‘Ensorcelling the muse’.  Anthology produced for Arvon course.
  • 2002: ‘Uplift’: Article about my dance project. ‘Connections’. Mind.
  • 2002: ‘Beginning to End’ Wild Thyme Writers Group Anthology.

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